“Can this software backup save files if they are opened by someone?”
Yes, Steelgate support open file backups by using VSS.
“What kind of notification does it have? I need to know that my server is backed up each day?”
Knowing your backups are running is very important. You can check the backups log in Steelgate or just look at the icon, if it is green, you are good. We have a few methods for notification; the most commonly used is email notification. You can set the Steelgate software to email you when your backups are complete. Our systems also scan all accounts on a daily basis and we will email you if you don’t backup per the notification schedule of your choice.
“If I run a backup one evening will all subsequent backups only save any new files, or will subsequent back up save all files again.”
Steelgate can do both types depending on the type of backup you select and how you configure it.
“Will this work on my SBS, small business server 08? Do I need agents for Exchange?”
Steelgate package includes the native plugins for Exchange as well as SQL, you do not have to purchase additional agents.
“All my data is on my server over 500GB , does it have to do full backups every night or does the software have a way of only backing up the data files that have changed since the full backup?”
Steelgate can run full, incremental, and differential backups, you will only have to save the changes that happen, this will save lots of storage save on your backup drive.
“Do I have to stop my SQL to backup it up?”
Open File backups are fully supported by Steelgate there is no need to take down your SQL at anytime to safely backup and protect your database.
“I've got an Exchange server and a file server, will just one Steelgate license work?”
You will need one license per machine regardless of the size.