What is the "Restorable Window"?

Steelgate Online Backup allows you to keep multiple versions of a single file on the backup server.  The Restorable Window is the amount of time the oldest version is kept before being replaced by the next oldest version to make room for the newest version.

For example, imagine you have backed up a Word document, and your restorable window is set to 30 days.  If the document changed every day and you run a backup every night, at the end of 30 days you will 30 versions of the document from which to choose.  On the 31st day, the oldest version is replaced by the next oldest version and so on, to make room for the newest version.  This does not mean that your document is deleted from the server!

If you think you will need to restore version of your data from earlier points in time than the most recent backup, then choose a larger window.  Most users, however, only need very small window.

Important Note:  The larger a Restorable Window you have, the faster you will use your disk space because you will be keeping more versions of each file.