How do I modify the encryption settings?

This information applies to version 12+

The Security tab allows you to modify or review the encryption settings for the backup data to be sent to the server. Steelgate Cloud Backup, and the client use 128 bit AES encryption. The default encryption keyword is the login password for each user. Using the login password may make it easier for a client to remember the encryption code word, should a problem arise. Steelgate Cloud Backup also enables the use of a different encryption key designated by the client. To enable the use of a secret encryption key, the user should click on the Specify my own secret key for encryption radio button.  Once this is done, the Secret Key options area on the Security menu opens, and the client is asked to enter and re-enter the encryption code word.  Steelgate Cloud Backup allows the user to enter an optional hint that should make it easier for the client to remember the encryption code key.