How do you delete files from the Backup server?

In order to control how much data is stored on the online backup server, your online backup software allows you to view all of the data stored on the server and selectively remove files from the server.

To delete files from the server:

  1. Open the software and click the "Delete" tab
  2. In the lefthand panel, expand the xSP Device node
  3. The tree will expand showing the drives you have backed up
  4. Drill down through the tree until you reach the folder that contains a file you want to delete  (This may take many minutes depending on the size of your data)
  5. Highlight the folder on the left and the files and sub-folders that it contains will be displayed on the right
  6. Highlight the files and/or folders on the right that you want to delete and click the Delete button at the lower right of the screen. 
    WARNING: Once a file is deleted from the server, it can no longer be restored.
After the files have been removed from the server you must also remove them from your backup set to ensure that they are not backed up again.  To do this:

  1. Go to the "Backup" tab
  2. Follow the same procedure described in step 4 above to find the files that you want to remove from the backup set
  3. Un-check these files
  4. Click the blue diskette icon at the very top of the screen (above the "Copy" tab) to save the backup job